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What is your favorite fulltext solution with tt-rss?

  • af_readability
  • Mercury Web Parser
  • FeedIron
  • Readability.php
  • fivefilters-full-text
  • RSS Fulltext Proxy

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so many open source options to use with tt-rss, as a plugin or standalone selfhosted.
which one is easy to use or works most of the time or configure and forget?
whats your favorite?

btw: af_readability is the same as readability.php, i’ve switched to that implementation a while ago.

In real life, I use a mix of af_readability and fivefilters, depending on the results. Which, nowadays, are usually quite the same.

I’m obviously biased towards FeedIron.

FYI FeedIron can use readability.php as well.

To some extent I also use Rss-Bridge as a full text solution as well.