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XSLT plugin announcement (still incubating)

Before I came to TT-RSS, I had a lot of batch feed generators (instagram, twitter, comics, etc…) that looked like:

  • use saxon + tagsoup
  • read HTML (or XML)
  • apply XSL templates
  • run in cron (daily, weekly, etc…)
  • write new/changed feed XML to file
  • import into favorite feed aggregator

I looked at rss-bridge, feediron (great but xpath just isn’t enough sometimes), and other plugins; I even wrote some plugins myself. But I really wanted to get back to the expressiveness, flexibility, power, etc… of my old XSLT scripts. Enter XSLT plugin, it …

“Creates a feed from (usually) HTML website using XSLT. Modifying rss/atom/xml feeds are easily done also. (requires XSLT and some processors require EXSLT capability)”

See https://gitlab.com/rstromlund/xslt

This plugin still needs a lot of spit and polish. For one, all the feeds are pseudo urls starting with:

If there is interest, maybe this could have a prefs tab like feediron and perhaps stylesheets could be entered/edited online like feediron’s json.

Thoughts? Useful or no?