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General Settings missing in prefs


I don’t have the generals settings in prefs.php (same in light or dark theme)

Any idea ?


On a v20.02-06b9d3966 tt-rss
Postgresql 12
Auth by LDAP

Try it without any browser extensions (use Private Browsing/Incognito mode).

Sorry, i have forgot to speak about my browser test, so that happen on these setup (incognito and new profile) :

  • Firefox 70 on Fedora
  • Firefox 73 on Windows
  • Firefox preview nightly build #20470607 on Android
  • Chrome 80.0 on Android

well, first try disabling all third party plugins.

Silly question time, again, from me… what General Settings?

There’s nothing in source, and a git -G"[Gg]eneral [Ss]ettings shows nothing in history either.

OP included a screenshot. Basically from the index page:

Preferences [action/hamburger menu] > Preferences [tab] > Personal data / Authentication [accordion section] > Preferences [tab].

Yup - I saw that, but what I didn’t see was much difference from what I have here myself.


The only thing I don’t have there, but they do, is a password tab. But that’s over here:

Screenshot from 2020-02-18 07-51-18

And I can’t see, in source or history, where a “General Settings” tab should be - do you have a screenshot with it in from a system that does have it?

This is my dev environment with the latest commit (06b9d396):

They’re in a different place on mine :confused:

(Also 06b9d39662cdb0768d91829db2120adfd1f420c7)

wait, what? that shouldn’t be there.

it looks like something in the layout broke.

looks like something related to OTP, maybe a non-default auth plugin causes this?

e: your specific issue is a layout bug related to using an authenticator which doesn’t provide an ability to change passwords

Same with only the auth_internal plugin and the latest commit (5b6d9cee2).

  • Firefox 70 on Fedora
  • Microsoft Edge on Windows

I forgot to mention all users are concerned (my ldap unprivileged user and my admin internal user)

Also i don’t know if it’s relevant the webserver is an nginx 1.14 and they are another nginx 1.14 as a TLS reverse proxy

have the layout fixed itself on update? post a new screenshot of the entire prefs screen.

e: also check for preference key/values in ttrss_user_prefs database table. going by your first screenshot it looks like everything is missing other than the API one.

i.e. select * from ttrss_user_prefs where pref_name = 'USER_CSS_THEME'

user 1 is the admin account, and 4 is the user account :
ttrss_pgdb=# select * from ttrss_user_prefs where pref_name = ‘USER_CSS_THEME’;
4 | USER_CSS_THEME | | light.css
1 | USER_CSS_THEME | | default.php

all user switch between night and day template whatever the value are here
screenshot is coming

This screenshot is from Microsoft Edge on Windows

post a screenshot of an entire browser window. don’t cut out things.

are the other prefs sections there? what’s with the huge white empty space above the authentication panel?

are you making this harder than necessary on purpose? use chrome, take a screenshot of an entire window, don’t cut or blank shit out, etc.

here’s how this should look on edge (at default settings) on windows 10. note how there’s no huge empty space or broken layout.

e: alright, huge blank space looks like an edge-specific issue which happens sometimes when opening preferences in a really tiny window. see, this is why using obscure browsers nobody cares about simply adds to the overall confusion.

Ok, sorry let’s restart on my main client setup firefox 70 on windows 10 in private mode local admin user :

This screenshot is without any plugin other than auth_internal
I dont have/use Chrome

Sorry for the confusion with shitty edge

interesting. other preferences are there so it’s probably not database-related. so it’s just language, timezone and theme / user CSS which are not shown for some reason.

i’m not sure what could cause broken layout in that particular area, maybe a strange theme filename in themes / themes.local? i.e. something with a quote sign. ← i’ve tested with some weird filenames and couldn’t break it, unfortunately.