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"vUNKNOWN (Unsupported)" after recent update

Hello and sorry for bothering with a noob post,

First of all many thanks to the developers and the community - my instance of TTRSS is fine and smooth and I do really enjoy it!

Just one small thing I noticed after a recent update is that my instance shows some strange message that my version is “vUNKNOWN (Unsupported)” in the Settings. Not an issue as git update works fine. But probably there is a solution how I can get this back to show a human-readable version number. I’m not sure but I think this may break the auto-update in the web-version when it shows a blue arrow in the right-top corner that new version is available. Thank you for your attention and have a good Friday & weekend! )

tt-rss git (0237dee98), linux VDS, mysql 5.7 (InnoDB, UTF8), php 7.3

  • branch master -> FETCH_HEAD
    0a1083249…0237dee98 master -> origin/master
    Updating 0a1083249…0237dee98

tt-rss needs to run git binary to figure out which version it is on, otherwise it’s going to show like this.

it could be a permission issue of tt-rss/.git directory or php being unable to run git for whatever reason (check tt-rss event log).

Many thanks for your prompt reply! Appreciate a lot.

Frankly speaking, I’m not so keen in LAMP so I have no idea where to dig it.
I have an empty log in tt-rss after logging in with admin…
.git hidden folder shows the updated time stamp after git update so I’m not sure this is a permission issue (but this is only my raw assumption)
Is there any chance this can be an issue with MySQL entry? - my first thought was that it may store the version number in the DB and fail to get it later…

Anyway I can live with this for now )

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In some security enforced servers, PATH variable is not set or empty for the LAMP running processes. So, the php ‘exec’ function calling git is unable to find it.
You can fix it adding absolute path for your installation, but take care with TT-RSS updates (git rebase will conserve you own commits)

Hello GregThib and thank you for your input - appreciate your advice.
As I’m using a commercial VDS I was automatically moved to a new instance after selecting PHP7.4 and MySQL7.6 in the user control panel on the hoster side. I assume the settings are different on that instance and could be more strict.
Anyway I do periodically login for other maintenance and it’s not a big issue to make manual git pulls as the current version of TT-RSS is very smooth and stable.