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Using tt-rss to read RSS feeds from academic journals

I’m looking for a convenient RSS reader which I can use to read the RSS streams from academic journals. These streams typically implement the ‘recommendations on RSS Feeds for Scholarly Publishers’ as published on crossref.

Each time an academic journal publishes a new article, the journal updates its RSS stream. Basically the RSS stream is 1 large Table of Contents. As per example, see the RSS feed of the INFORMS Mathematics of Operations Research journal (this forum does not allow external links). So for each new article, the RSS stream includes (1) title of the article, (2) name of the journal, (3) authors of the article, as well as some other information.

What I need is an RSS reader which shows me concisely the journal name, article title, article authors and date of publication. Any other content is irrelevant. This pretty much boils down to extracting the information from specific RSS fields (such as the dc:author fields) and displaying them concisely.

Here’s a screenshot of the RSS reader Feedly. Notice that Feedly does not show the author for the article ‘The Structure of the Infinite Models in Integer Programming’ published in Mathematics of Operations Research. Other RSS readers suffer from the same problem.

In summary it would be great if there’s a way to customize which information is shown for a given RSS feed, and how it’s being shown.
Finally, would there be a way to highlight or tag specific RSS items? For instance, if a journal article publishes an article by a specific author, I’d like this item to somehow stand out from the others. For this I would maintain a list of authors I’d like to ‘follow’.

I’ve read the tt-rss docs and plugin/template examples, but I couldn’t deduce whether and/or how any of the above is possible. Any pointers are highly appreciated.

in time it took you to write this essay about you being dissatisfied with feedly you could’ve installed tt-rss and see for yourself whether it works for you or not.

anyway, there’s nothing special about your requests and you should be able to do those things easily with tt-rss. if you run into problems with specific feeds or whatever else, post here.

i found one of the feeds you mentioned (https://pubsonline.informs.org/action/showFeed?type=etoc&feed=rss&jc=moor) and i’m seeing that it has multiple <dc:author> elements. this is not currently supported (you’ll only see the first author) but i’ll make a note to take a look at implementing this.

e: done, https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/commit/aa40a268f0b11cf40a031d451e23f2ab1af333bb

Tracking academic journal RSS feeds with searches that classify papers through the use of filters is what I use tt-rss for. You can install the code on a free cloud instance, set up automatic updates of feeds with cron (or other alternatives), and have your own paper tracking system built. You need to be ready to spend time to set everything up initially.