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Unhandled exeption: "assignment to undeclared variable _label_base_index"

Problem became visible this morning after working fine for more than 1.5 years with constant updates. No similar error message found with forum search.

Describe the problem you’re having:

Frontend in web browser shows error “Unhandled exeption” (German: Unbehandelte Ausnahme)

If possible include steps to reproduce the problem:

  • Login with working credentials
  • wait for main UI to appear

Expected behaviour:

  • ttrss main web UI should appear

Observed behaviour:

  • error dialogue appears

ReferenceError: assignment to undeclared variable _label_base_index

Stack trace:

ReferenceError: _label_base_index is not defined
at Object.backendSanityCallback (https://tinyrss.MYSERVER.DOMAIN/js/AppBase.js?1583870885:370:27)
at https://tinyrss.MYSERVER.DOMAIN/js/tt-rss.js?1583870885:95:13
at onComplete (https://tinyrss.MYSERVER.DOMAIN/js/common.js?1583870884:26:32)
at klass.respondToReadyState (https://tinyrss.MYSERVER.DOMAIN/lib/prototype.js?1547818817:1827:62)
at klass.onStateChange (https://tinyrss.MYSERVER.DOMAIN/lib/prototype.js?1547818817:1756:12)

tt-rss version (including git commit id):

  • commit id 208e02c47

Platform (i.e. Linux distro, PHP, PostgreSQL, etc) versions:

  • PHP 7.0.33-0ubuntu0.16.04.12
  • MySQL 5.7.29-0
  • Ubuntu 16.04.01
  • Shared hosting (yes, I know …)

Please provide any additional information below:

  • backend is up and running as RSS feeds are delivered to various RSS clients including the TTRSS Android app
  • reverted 208e02c47 after dsicovering the error, but reverted this revert later
  • git is running on OS X desktop machine to pull commits and then files are uploaded with FTP, maybe this is a source of errors?

Thanks for your time and your support in advance.

yes, the problem is that you didn’t update all files properly.

Thanks for pointing into the right direction. It was not only this file which was not updated properly.

Until now my combination of git and Github Desktop worked reliable - at least in my understanding. Now I had to discover that not all files were pulled from the TTRSS repo which became visible for me in the templates folder. A few of the newer files were completely missing …

So I removed incomplete repo from git, cloned it again, created my own branch (just for the mail templates) and uploaded it with a syncing FTP client again to the shared hoster. Bingo, works again like a charm! :slight_smile: So, thank you!

Question is, why git (or Github Desktop) failed to catch all files from repo??

i’ve never used github desktop but the only thing i can think about is some kind of merge failure since you’re on a separate branch.

e: maybe it would be a good idea to add an ability to easily override templates with templates.local or something like that, i’ll make a note

Brilliant! Very good solution to allow a template override solution.

Should also be helpful for template localisations in other languages. :slight_smile: