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Tt-rss export: automatic refresh of page

i want to use the tt-rss export feature to export feeds from tt-rss to a kiosk-system/public-display-thing.
since there is no interaction on this system there should be a automatic refresh of the url therefore new contents streams in.

what do you think?


Unless I completely misunderstand what you are asking, what does this have to do with tt-rss?

I’m now going to ask, what is probably a very, silly question…

What “export feature”?

On the off chance this is just Published Articles just install GreaseMonkey and have that refresh the page however frequently is required.

window.setTimeout(function(){window.location.reload() ;},300000) ;

Culled from the example here

I am refering to the “Generated feeds”-Feature.
See the tt-rss wiki on “GeneratedFeeds” (i am unable to include links)

I want to use this generated feed with my “fresh articles” and an automatic refresh to stream new content to a public-display system.

is it clearer by now?

Yup. Published Articles. Greasemonkey.

That still is not going to loop through the feed to show the content of each article… Anyhow, this has nothing to do with TT-RSS.

Well - why is that?
In the beginning i specifically asked for tt-rss’s support of this feature.
Why is that not related to tt-rss when i want to use tt-rss to:

  • fetch rss-feeds
  • present them in a central fashion (Generated feeds)
  • refresh this generated feed periodically to have up-to-date content

Would you please explain?



What do you think Published Articles is? Nothing but an RSS feed.

What you want (I’m guessing, because you are very unclear about that) is something that reads the RSS feed, and based on the links shows the content of the original URLs, and then rotate through the links. TT-RSS is nog going to do that out of the box.

alright - i found a somewhat other solution which is fine for me.
thanks for clarifying!