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The system is centos7 and I don't know how to solve this problem

Startup failed

Tiny Tiny RSS was unable to start properly. This usually means a misconfiguration or an incomplete upgrade. Please fix errors indicated by the following messages:

Image cache is not writable (chmod -R 777 cache/images)

Upload cache is not writable (chmod -R 777 cache/upload)

Data export cache is not writable (chmod -R 777 cache/export)

Try reading the error message? It would be a good start since the error message gives you the command you need to type to fix that problem.

Also, please read the sticky and post in the right forum.

6 months probation for this idiocy, don’t come back.

Well, for whatever it’s worth. I randomly started getting an issue similar to this on my existing installation a while back. For me it was all five directories sanity checked, the three in cache, lock, and feed-icons.

I verified the owner and group were still correct, and then blasted a chmod -R 0777 on the entire ttrss directory, all to no avail. I finally sat down and investigated today and see some reports that php’s is_writable() doesn’t actually work on directories (despite the documentation claiming that it does). I swapped out the !is_writable() in include/sanity_check.php for file_perms() != 16895 on the directories to verify a directory and 0777 permissions and now I have a web gui again.

I was able to ignore it for so long because the app and API still worked, and I normally checked from an android device anyway. So it didn’t bother me too much until I needed to change settings and couldn’t.

Not sure if this guy actually had a bad permissions issue, or if whatever randomly broke in my long standing install is starting to affect others.

On CentOS your issues are probably SELinux related.

I had thought it could be SELinux, and looked up configuring permissions in it, but I’m not running CentOS, and quickly realized SELinux isn’t installed on my system. I just started googling how to fix it before checking that it was at fault. Too much CentOS at work :slight_smile:

fox: I made a gogs account ‘wavydashen’ if you want me to try and submit a pull request for the include/sanity_check.php change. I tested it with 040777 instead of 16895 and verified it works. I feel the octal value is a bit more readable there.

is this another case of “i’m running Arch on a server, and”? i’ve never encountered this.

i’m sorry but i’m not going to start randomly changing things because of an unconfirmed non-issue. that’s not how any of this works.

I don’t think this is a good idea. TT-RSS needs to be able to write to those directories. Checking is_writable() is the correct action to take. Checking nuanced permissions is not. (TT-RSS doesn’t technically need world-writable directories. Group or user writable will also work.)

The correct solution is to figure out why is_writable doesn’t work and fix that.

is_writable() is a part of php standard library, if there are problems or bugs with it they should be reported to php developers. as opposed to adding ridiculous hacks into application code.

Especially since having the correct permissions may not be enough to allow those directories to be writable by the app.