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Save To Wallabag Plugin

Yes. I think the maintenance is hourly. I haven’t visited that part of the code recently.

e3: At a quick glance housekeeping is run at the end of the update so this is probably a viable option.

Don’t re-use. Just create a new class property with the new connection.

e: Look how the Logger class fox mentioned does it.

e2: Okay… after a quick glance through the code I get what you’re saying. You’re not actually running the query directly from your plugin, your using the PluginHost::save() method and you don’t have access to modify the PDO property. Makes sense.

I’ve thought about a bunch of different ideas but in the end I realize that I’m too tired at the moment because it’s the middle of the night for me :frowning_face: I’ll revisit this tomorrow if no one else has responded.

oh, it’s about save/load. maybe this should always use a separate PDO connection to prevent this issue for all plugins.

so a base plugin class would need to be modified then.

@fox that would be a fantastic solution. In the meantime, I was able to work around this by utilizing HOOK_HOUSE_KEEPING . This thing seems to be running every two minutes, is that normal?

Incidentally, here’s the commit. 1.10.0 is working.

@joshp just a note: I updated the init.php of your plugin to 1.10.4 yesterday and ttrss (latest git version) stopped working. Reverted to 1.10.2 and all is fine.

There’s a typo in the current commit (be22ca6):

    #332 } else {
    #333   $status                 = 501;
    #334    $result['error']        = "PEBCAK",
    #335    $result['error_msg']    = "Please <strong>enable PHP extension CURL</strong>!";
    #336 }

Line 334 should also end with a semicolon.

Fixed. Error was literally PEBCAK