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Per Feed preferences Plugin


Here is a small plugin, which allows to make display preferences (View mode and Sort order) specific to each feed.

it’s available here: https://git.grandou.net/ttrss/feedprefs

Preferences are stored in browser’s Local Storage.


this has been requested several times, good job

Aha, apparently you don’t need to invoke Feeds.select() (again) after changing the order_by value, thanks for that! (for [Plugin] Sort depending on unread count)

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
To be fair, it’s by looking to your own plugin that I saw the HOOK_FEED_SET_ACTIVE hook and got the idea to play with localStorage. So thanks to you too :slight_smile:

I know :slight_smile:, I saw the similarities when I peeked at the code, so I was pleasantly surprised that Feeds.select() wasn’t necessary. I can imagine that setting the attribute via .attr() invokes an onchange, but apparently I didn’t check that when I wrote the plugin :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s still a small issue with my plugin though, so perhaps you could help out? (I described the issue in [Plugin] Sort depending on unread count).