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Mark articles batch


Is it possible to place checkmark multiple articles batch?

And if so can I copy the article links batch or send them to email account batch instead of doing it all one at a time?

You can use Ctrl+Click to select multiple articles or holding down Shift while clicking to select a range (might select all the content too) and mark them as read. I do not use the e-mail plugin but from a quick look at the source code this should work as well with multiple articles.

Yes, that works. Could I create some css that would let me have a checkmark option in the top that automatically marks all the articles in the feed?

There’s a dropdown at the top, Select…, that lets you select articles.

Also check the help for very useful hotkey shortcuts.

Thank you both so much.

I’ve looked at the hotkeys and was wondering if there was something that would let me copy the links to all the articles marked?