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Limit number of articles fetched for one feed

This is very much an edge case, so if the answer is no, that’s fine.

I have an RSS feed coming from a Wordpress user who probably doesn’t even realise he’s offering RSS. The content of the articles isn’t of interest, but the fact that there have been updates is. Is there an easy way of limiting the number of articles fetched for that one feed to just the latest one on each fetch / update operation?

There are obviously other ways of achieving this, but as I’m using TT-RSS for monitoring a variety of things I wondered if I could do it natively.

can you tell wordpress to limit output via url parameters? for reddit rss feeds one can use i.e. &limit=30 etc

if not, than the only way is writing a plugin which would parse XML before tt-rss and strip out items by whatever criteria. note that simply processing first X nodes might not be enough because nobody guarantees you they are going to be sorted properly.

Doesn’t look like it is exposed to url (at least on this site), but it is internally configurable.

XML parsing might work though as each post has what appears to be a serially assigned number, so I can just check for the highest post number each time.

well, this should be a really simple plugin using, for example, HOOK_FEED_FETCHED.

Thanks, I’ll have a read.