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LDAP login possible

LDAP login not possible after upgrade.

Hi everybody,

I recently upgraded both PHP and TTS to their newest versions on a Windows webserver.

It’s hard to tell which upgrade was the culprit. But after that night I could not login anymore (I’m pretty sure it used to work at least once).

In the log I have this message for every attempt:

Failed login attempt for xxx from x.x.x.x. …TinyTinyRSS\classes\handler\public.php(718): user_error(Failed login attempt for xxx from x.x.x.x, 512)
2. …\TinyTinyRSS\public.php(50): login()

I’d say the PHP installation is screwed, but I have my own application running on the same webserver authenticating via LDAP as well. That doesn’t have a problem.

Does anybody have an idea on how to troubleshoot this? I cannot find further details in the PHP general log.

moving to unsupported

also there’s no ldap login support in stock, you might have better luck asking plugin author

I’m afraid it was simply the case that the LDAP plugin (or its files) got lost during the upgrade procedure. After placing it back there it worked.