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Is there a way to pipe in email newsletters?

Brand new here, and am looking to leverage tt-rss for my news consumption. Unfortunately many of the services I get news from don’t do RSS (but do have email newsletters). Ideally I’d like to be able to process all the news in one place.

Can this be accomplished with tt-rss? Alternatively, does anyone have a setup that accomplishes something similar?

A google search for email to rss would seem to suggest a few services that could probably do this for you.

I wanted to do something similar. I posted about it, I believe on the old forum site, and this is the solution I came up with. I control my own mail server, so this might not work for everybody.

I use procmail to match incoming mail that I want to convert to an RSS feed. The matched emails are piped through a python script from github /remko/atomail/ (sorry, I can’t post links, but that should be good enough to find it). The output of that script is dropped into a directory that is available over https. TT-RSS is then subscribed to the resulting .xml file.

atomail isn’t perfect, but it works well enough for my needs.

i’ve suddenly remembered this exists: https://fakecake.org/unsorted/maildir2rss.pl.txt

procmail is something i’d personally use for this too.

I have been using “kill the newsletter dot com” as I am way too incompetent to manage anything else.
It has been working perfectly fine in the last year, I have 20+ newsletter subscribed through that service, html converts decently.

Cannot say anything about the quality of underlying code or security of the service - there are waaaaay more expert people here than me - but it just does what is says, and has given me no thoughts at all.