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How to disable autoscroll currently selected article to top

Hi everybody,

ever since upgrading to a more current release I have a behaviour change in my article view.

I usually go through my articles from bottom to top, but SOMETIMES, not always, the article I select will be scrolled to the top. I guess this is very much intended behaviour and not a bug. But I really don’t like it. Can I deactivate that anywhere?
I observed that behaviour was already present in the past, but only when I used the arrow keys to go through articles, not when using the mouse.

To illustrate the situation here are 3 graphics. I click on article 4.

it does that when article bottom goes out of screen. this is supposed to work with keyboard shortcuts, it shouldn’t happen when selecting things with mouse. i’ll try to take a look at this tomorrow.

e: i’m afraid i have bad news. this is why this happens: imagine selecting an article below an already expanded one:

== article 1 headline
== article 2
== article 3 headline <-- you click on this one

currently selected article collapses and your newly selected article moves somewhere because its logical offset in headline buffer changes.

if previously selected article was enough pixels above, your currently clicked one can easily go entirely off-screen. to keep this from happening newly selected article may be moved on top of headlines buffer, it’s kinda annoying but the alternative can be even more disorienting.

stuff like this was one of the reasons i wanted to remove combined (unexpanded) mode but as i know all too well you people can’t let go forcing me to suffer my bad decisions forever.

e: if you want to see how this works in practice comment out the body of Article.cdmScrollToId method and click on different articles.

e2: i guess we could try preserving logical offset before expanded article is switched over but a) that would be annoying to implement, i think, and more importantly b) offset wouldn’t be possible to restore in some cases when active article moves up - there simply wouldn’t be enough pixels to scroll.

e3: i guess another alternative is not automatically collapsing no longer active articles. comments welcome.

Personally I wouldn’t think anybody would really need the scrolling feature, but it appears everybody is using the application very differently. So I’ll stay quiet.
In my case I get a lot of articles from my feeds, many of which are irrelevant. But since I cannot think of an automatic way to prefilter them I often need to take a peek at the content. So I have to open douzens or hundreds of articles. I find frequent scrolling (or any) annoying in that scenario.

Regarding e:
After deactivating the method content the scrolling is permanently deactivated. Would at least be an option for me because I don’t need the feature anywhere.

Regarding e2:
I know how to program, but since I’m not familiar with TTRSS’s source I cannot really comment much on this option.

Regarding e3:
Well, this would be my least favorite option. Mouse wheel scrolling through them becomes mostly impossible if multiple articles are expanded and not collapsed again.

you click on an article and it suddenly becomes invisible because it’s entirely out of viewport is just plain bad UI, whether you like scrolling or not.

use three panel mode. there’s no unexpected jumping then.

i’m going to repeat that combined (unexpanded) mode should have never been implemented in the first place.

three panel mode for picking and choosing article, combined expanded for reading through everything linearly. there’s no place for another view perspective here, it doesn’t work.

yes, also you can’t even get to the [ - ] collapse button if article top is outside of screen.