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HELP TT-RSS is broken after update (mysql, schema 139)

Hi All,

I’ve just done the latest update from Git (Nov 3, 2019) and had a request to update my database.

The update proceeds, then I get the following message:

The following tables use an unsupported MySQL engine: ttrss_app_passwords (MyISAM).
The only supported engine on MySQL is InnoDB. MyISAM lacks functionality to run tt-rss.

Please backup your data (via OPML) and re-import the schema before continuing.

WARNING: importing the schema would mean LOSS OF ALL YOUR DATA.

I do understand the message, but I have NO idea how to proceed.

Can someone help or at least point me in the right direction?


my bad. i guess there’s still people out there who use mysql which defaults to myisam.

  1. update from git: https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/commit/17e145f4810385534f076143276d5f2df43d025d

  2. run the following two sql queries if you’re affected:

drop table ttrss_app_passwords;

update ttrss_version set schema_version = 138;

then re-run the updater and it should be fine.

alternatively drop ttrss_app_passwords and define it based on fixed schema 139 here:


I appreciate the quick response.

It took me a few minutes how to work directly with the database, but I figured it out with phpMyAdmin. I am back up and running! :grinning:

Thanks again,