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Git repository changes

Gogs doesn’t want to send me any notifications for PRs filed against the organization so I’m going to transfer master repositories back to my account. I’ll add a redirect for /git/ repo urls so hopefully nothing breaks.

If everything does break post here I guess.

e: obviously expect some weirdness and missing urls while i’m doing the above

e2: made a PR and haven’t received any emails. well, fuck.

e3: looks like some retard registered with a broken email address and broke all email notifications in gogs. jesus fucking christ on a stick.

to elaborate, a bunch of what i assume are spam bots registered with some shit throwaway email addresses which for some reason ending with \r symbol (maybe the bot was broken, who knows). gogs obviously didn’t bother to filter or validate email addresses.

unfortunately, when sending repository notifications to everyone who watches it goes in a single batch and go mail routine breaks on invalid syntax. so any idiot can put some random invalid crap into their user profile and break gogs notifications. nice design, imo. well done, fuckshits.

e: also you can’t delete users from the database because obviously there’s no constraints or consistency checking and everything just breaks unless you go through the UI. i guess if user editor breaks because of invalid data or there’s some UI glitch which causes database inconsistency you’re fucked, lol.

e2: the solution to deleting multiple users in gogs seems to be “use our rest api via curl”, lmao

e3: gogs stores timestamps in database in unixtime, lol:

 created_unix         | bigint                  |
 updated_unix         | bigint                  |

this just gets better and better

e4: holy moly:

 lower_name           | character varying(255)  | not null
 name                 | character varying(255)  | not null

is whoever wrote this software a literal retard :thinking:

Could these changes explain the error I’m getting in the git RSS feed?

title=“LibXML error 76 at line 49 (column 8): Opening and ending tag mismatch: meta line 46 and head

i think feeds are fixed now

e: i have removed a lot of accounts with no activity, most of which were obvious bots. if your account got deleted, re-register i guess.

dear diary,

dealing with shitware written by idiots is slowly becoming un-bear-able. i feel that soon i’m going to kill all this webshit bloated garbage, publish my repositories over bare https, and accept patches via email attaches.

soon. soon.


copy *.* C:\Temp
cd C:\Temp

I know that another software test is another wasted time, but did you tried Gitea? It is a fork of Gogs (so migration is possible), with some more features and feedback.
Honestly, I don’t know if this garbaged email will be solved. It is a real shitty issue. But if you want an alternative, it’s the quickest you can try.

i’ve enabled email verification so bots won’t be able to activate their accounts and break things with invalid emails anymore which solved the thread issue (well that and some manual cleanup). bots still register in droves because gogs developers had to use homebrew captcha which is predictably useless to stop anything.

if i’m migrating anywhere from gogs though it probably would be static html, lol. screw “web 3.0”.