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Floating refresh button

While in article list mode(?) there is a floating refresh button that is very useful to refresh the list. This button, however, is not always there but sometimes disappears and reappears depending on how the list is scrolled.

I find this button very useful and wonder if it can always be displayed while in list mode?

On a similar note, I wonder if the floating open-in-browser button can always be displayed while viewing individual articles? It seems it is only there when I am at the top of the article and my preference would be to always have it there - at least on the tablet where I read most of my stuff.

the fab hides because otherwise it might obscure useful content. there’s an option to disable it for people who don’t like it, adding yet another option to always keep is visible is imo going too far.

I agree with you when using tt-rss on a phone but most times I use it on a tablet which of course has a much larger area. On the tablet I think it would be very useful to have the option to always be able to see the fabs for opening the article in the browser while in article view and the fab to refresh the list while in list view.

What do you think?