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Export Feeds CLI

Is there a way to export a users feeds from the cli and not the webui?


you mean opml? no but it should be easy enough to add

yeah export to opml via the cli. Unfortunately I’m not a programmer. :frowning:

THANK YOU!! I will give it a try! Thanks again!

Hi there.

I just downloaded and ran it and received an error:

/var/www/tt-rss$ sudo -u www-data php ./update.php --opml-export username
[14:07:51/1709] Lock: update.lock
[14:07:51/1709] Exporting feeds of user username to as OPML…
[14:07:51/1709] Failed.

Did I miss a parameter?

yes. try reading ./update.php --help.

I did but didnt quite understand. “USER FILE” are two separate parameters that must be set.

so this worked:

sudo -u www-data php ./update.php --opml-export “username username.opml”

Thank you.

yes, unfortunately you need to put both in one quoted block, it’s a limitation of PHP getopt() which is used to parse command line options.