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Email on filter - use smtp?

the goal is to add a filter when title or content match certain word in one feed send email to me.

Does tt-rss have buil-in email function? (as i searched here and found one post where someone asked if you use smtp plugin or built in email)

If not then option is to use smtp plugin. If I do so can it be used with a gmail smtp server address/user/pass instead of setting up my own smtp server which i want to avoid becaz of vulnerabilities.


there’s a standard tt-rss way to send mail (Mailer class, used by digest). unfortunately it’s not possible to to send mail as a filter action, you will have to write a plugin to do that.

oh i see, thanks and i don’t know how to write plugins so that’s out of chance.
for now i add the filter to label it appropriately to separate them so i read that first.

i’ll make a note, maybe when i’m sufficiently bored i’ll make a plugin like this.

then again i’m not sure if its such a good idea, imagine matching a hundred articles by mistake and sending a spamwave of emails.

Ist the content even properly sanitized at this point? A malicious feed could possibly inject custom headers, etc.

custom headers? are you sure you know what you’re talking about?


  1. it’s not like calling sanitize() in this theoretical non-existing plugin would be hard.
  2. any sane MUA is going to sanitize rich content anyway.

@Bala_Kotteswaran This was recently asked about on reddit in /r/selfhosted, my suggestion was to simply use the filter to publish the articles then use something like: https://github.com/skx/rss2email