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Custom CSS stopped working

I’m running the latest version of Tiny Tiny RSS from Git (currently 9f70bb010aeadd9594cbe0b687a3362e9ba8eac4). A “git pull” is done daily.

Although I don’t think it’s really relevant in this case, but the server is running Debian 9.11 with Apache 2.4.25, PHP 7.3.11 and PostgreSQL 9.6.15. I’m using the default theme.

Custom CSS stopped working today. I narrowed it down to this commit: https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/commit/07f4878d59a7459472e66a2ba0c1c0413232107e

I can make my rules work when using !important for every single rule. Therefore, I assume the order of the theme’s CSS definitions and custom CSS changed in some way.

Is this intentional?

the usual workaround for this is using rules of higher specificity, i.e. instead of .cdm .content { background : red } you can use body.ttrss_main .cdm .content { background : red}

if you’re implying my evil plan was breaking user css, then no. otherwise yes this loader change is obviously intentional.

I did a pull this morning and also have a problem. here is a screen shot. Something changed and even though I have css that has worked for a long time, and you can see from the screen shot should make unread red, it doesn’t work.

Tried this in firefox (screen shot), chromium and MS edge (chromium based). Can you provide a hint on what changed in the hierarchy as I thought this would be enough and has been until this morning.

instead of posting a screenshot of stock UI with your stylesheet not applying, maybe post actual CSS instead?

nothing has changed in the “hierarchy”. try reading my post above. use rules of HIGHER SPECIFICITY. AN EXAMPLE IS RIGHT FUCKING THERE.


Sorry, I thought I was using the right hierarchy. Will dig deeper, but it seems that something changed in the latest update and I thought you would know and provide a bit of explanation. Will dig in deeper and try what you suggested.