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Counters not showing properly

Describe the problem you’re having:

Since a few weeks ago I am seeing the unread counters, as well as the total counters, and another column, where I used to see only one column. I have night2.css selected as theme.

If possible include steps to reproduce the problem:

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Alpine Linux 3.11.3, PHP 7

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those elements are hidden with CSS.

you either didn’t update completely, have a broken third party theme enabled (or user css rules), or cache issues of some kind.

you can check for relevant rules in the CSS files, for example:

WORKPC:themes (master):$ grep ".dijitTreeRow.Unread .counterNode.unread"  *css
compact.css:body.ttrss_main:not([view-mode="marked"]) #feeds-holder #feedTree .dijitTreeRow.Unread .counterNode.unread {
compact_night.css:body.ttrss_main:not([view-mode="marked"]) #feeds-holder #feedTree .dijitTreeRow.Unread .counterNode.unread {
light.css:body.ttrss_main:not([view-mode="marked"]) #feeds-holder #feedTree .dijitTreeRow.Unread .counterNode.unread {
night_blue.css:body.ttrss_main:not([view-mode="marked"]) #feeds-holder #feedTree .dijitTreeRow.Unread .counterNode.unread {
night.css:body.ttrss_main:not([view-mode="marked"]) #feeds-holder #feedTree .dijitTreeRow.Unread .counterNode.unread {
WORKPC:themes (master):$ grep -A2 'body.ttrss_main #feeds-holder #feedTree .counterNode' *css | grep display
compact.css-  display: none;
compact_night.css-  display: none;
light.css-  display: none;
night_blue.css-  display: none;
night.css-  display: none;