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[Bug] If "On catchup show next" enabled, there is constant redirecting between two feeds

If “On catchup show next” enabled, there is constant redirecting between two feeds. See vid.

Tiny Tiny RSS v18.12 (c7c9c5f)

VPS Debian + PostgreSQL


this feature originally (the way i imagined it) should only apply when catching up manually through “mark as read” button. unfortunately today it works on scroll and other shit. maybe its scope should be reduced to something that won’t require so much stuff to support or (my favorite) removed altogether because i don’t like it.

i’ll think about it some more, maybe stuff like that should be handled through plugins (which we have now but didn’t when this was originally added, years ago).

Actually, I like this feature, but have to admit, that it’s not so critical. There were already similar case, when it caused some troubles in past.

This unbreaks it for me:

--- Headlines.js.orig	2019-02-19 10:40:12.406739924 +0100
+++ Headlines.js	2019-02-19 10:38:48.375387453 +0100
@@ -280,7 +280,7 @@
 						const row = $$("#headlines-frame div[id*=RROW]").last();
 						if (row && $("headlines-frame").scrollTop >
-							(row.offsetTop + row.offsetHeight - 50)) {
+							(row.offsetTop + row.offsetHeight - 20)) {
 							console.log("we seem to be at an end");
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see, this is exactly the kind of “fix” that is going to weirdly break at some point, again :frowning:

I agree. But at least for me the functionality is essential. So I prefer to fix it over having it removed.

well, i’m afraid this option is getting nerfed after all. i’m removing automatic redirect on scroll, which should have never been a thing in a first place, as far as i’m concerned.

if someone really, really needs this to be a thing, i can try adding javascript-side hooks somewhere (mutation observer?) to help reimplement this (properly!) as a plugin. ideas welcome.

FTR, functionality removal commit:

i’d rather not have a feature at all than have something half-working (and, in this case, probably unfixable by design) :man_shrugging:

Again, for my use this is crucial and works fine for me.
(ie. always until you break it doing unrelated stuff)

Let’s see how long
git revert 70c53257d962487608cd6554ce6b8bde86aeece5
patch -p 0 patch_file_from_6_posts_above

Thank you so much! You made my day. I upgraded today and was missing this feature.