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Broke and looking for someone to share their tt-rss server, for a month or two

I was going to run it locally, but, the web-server, keeps eating up 8-15% of my ram. I am running an old T500, that is on it’s last legs. proof available.

I am hoping someone, can share their server for a month or two. I am getting my life together and RSS is my life. I tried most platforms and TT-RSS is the best platform there is.

Please help me out. I hate asking, but, I really want to get web access. I am using liferea, and lightweight cli tools to collect my rss , but it sucks to read and browse.

Willing to do some work, or anything in return, that can be of service. I can send e-interac transfer in a couple of weeks for 10 dollars or so. I am from Canada.

Please help a RSS addict out.

I am going to translate a bit from English to Spanish and French you can follow my progress at
. Here is my twitter, if people are curious. @_JulianMcGill I also run a tiny personal board called /jm/ on endchan.

I can make you an account at my instance in about an hour or so when I’m near a pc
latency to Russia might suck tho

That is such great news, yeah it’ll suck for a bit, but it won’t be as bad as what I have now. Thank you @fox

I have a medium .opml file that primarily has canadian federal rss feeds. Here is my export file, for anyone who wants to take a look.


I just have to set up a new https://twitrss.me/ domain since they are rate-limiting, when I get my box.

Mostly, Canadian news, tech, and a bit of random shit. https://my.mixtape.moe/trawbq.opml

I know who you are, and you are a hero of mine for building this platform. When I had my session running on a box, it was insane how much content I could go through, using the hotkeys.

Anything I can do, let me know!

I do not understand why there is no more sharing of tt-rss instances in general.
I have a VPS for tt-rss only, so do other people maybe too.
I would not mind sharing it if people would help to cover the costs.
I would also not mind paying for a tt-rss account and helping covering someones elses costs.
Would be great if there was more exchange on that topic.


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@julianmcgill you are welcome to an extended trial account on my instance at https://ttrss.info if you need it.

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@markwaters thank you, @fox got me set up and I can help test the builds at the same time for now. I really appreciate the warm welcome by this community!:robot: TT-RSS web hosted is something I have been wanting for a long while.


well that’s a first



yeah, where’s the real fox!? what have you done with him!?