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Blank_icon gif issue

Screenshot_2020-01-04 (4) Tiny Tiny RSS


After years of using tt-rss i changed hosting and installed a new version. In the new hosting, the only difference is that my domain has an ssl certificate and tt-rss runs inside that domain. I followed the instructions in the wiki and did the Git installation and everything is working fine, except for the blank_icon.gif, which appears as shown in the attached image.

I´m sure i must do something else that I forgot. I’ve been browsing this forum but I cannot find anyone having this issue. Any ideas of what do i have to do?

open chrome f12 console (network tab), reload tt-rss, find the red line where this .gif failed to load and go from there. check for errors in the httpd error log. open that .gif directly in browser and post results.

since other images load fine it’s probably not related to mixed content ssl/http issues. could be wrong permissions on that particular .gif or a wrong rewrite rule.

e: also read subforum rules for support section.

I found the problem, some 10 years old rewrite rule in the .htaccess. I removed that section and now it’s working fine. Thanks.