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Backing up Postgres

Hi all,
I am struggling backing up the TT-RSS postgres-db automatically.
I set up the script from the official postgres-wiki but when running the script it will prompt me for password of user “postgres”. So when crontabbing this, it will obviously fail.
Anyone having more insight how to set this up?
Any help appreciated. Thanks!

I think you should ask this on another forum, you know, one Postgresql related…


PGPASSWORD=blahblah psql ...

also you’re probated for a week (not really)


If its a default installation of postgres, the postgres user is allowed to access the database without password.
Either use the method @fox suggested or execute the cronjob as the psqluser
crontab -e -u <psqluser>
make sure that the directory you are backing up into is writable for the chosen user.

Who are you, and what’ve you done with Fox?

Took this approach - suprisingly simple and effective. Thank you!