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Access through ngrok

Hello Everybody!

I have been trying to connect my public webpage to my locally hosted ttrss for more than a week now. My main goal was to do it with reverse proxy, but i can’t find the correct way to do it yet.
Anyway I found the service Ngrok. With it I should be able to expose my local ttrss to the internet.

So far I can get to the login screen, but when I try to login it fails.

First I navigate to http://xxxxxxxx.ngrok.io/ at this address i get the login screen
Than I try to login (doesn’t matter if I give the correct/wrong username and pass).
Finally firefox says “We can’t connect to the server at ttrss.lan” (192,168.88.251:80)

On the server side I get this info:

When navigating to the login url

POST /public.php 200 OK
GET /lib/flat-ttrss/fonts/flat-icon.ttf 200 OK
GET /images/favicon.png 200 OK
GET /lib/dojo/resources/blank.gif 200 OK
GET /lib/dojo/nls/tt-rss-layer_en-us.js 200 OK
GET /lib/dojo/selector/acme.js 200 OK
GET /lib/flat-ttrss/flat_combined.css 200 OK
GET /js/common.js 200 OK
GET /lib/dojo/tt-rss-layer.js 200 OK
GET /errors.php 200 OK

When clicking into the username/pass box

POST /public.php 200 OK
POST /public.php 200 OK

When clicking the login button

POST /public.php 302 Found

I’am already skipping self url path checks.

Does anyone have experience with ngrok-ttrss combination?

Any ideas how to get trough the login screen?

Thank You!

you probably need to set SELF_URL_PATH in config.php to that ngrok address (i.e. URL visible from the outside) so that login redirects you correctly.

Super! I did as you said and it is working now.