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Yopmail rss feed error


yopmail[.]com email-inbox has an option to subscribe to its RSS feed at the bottom of the page, this feed works in other reader, but with TTRSS it doesn’t work

; 28 Connection timed out after 15001 milliseconds

can anyone else check? or is it just me and my setup?


how can i post the rss feed link? am not allowed

You should read this ==> Read before posting / reporting bugs

Possibly this is why no one has reply thus far? … Anyway.

I created a yobmail yopmail email address and then subscribed in my instance of tt-rss using the rss feed link shown at the bottom of the yobmail yopmail inbox. Sent a message to my yobmail yopmail address from another email account. The message arrive in tt-rss without errors.

I would suggest you use the ‘fakecake’ feed validator found in the link shown above for more clues.