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Work order for filter?


I have 10 different Filter. Can I set a work order?
I have try the Name in A - … or in Z - … and I have try to drag&drop the filter to the last position
I want that one filter allways run at last when all other filter are finish.

Thank you for help

EDIT: Sorry I think my problem is another, but I don’t know.
My goal:

  1. finish my 9 “old” filters
  2. work the latest filter. I want that all left feeds after the filters where are unread for my last filter. I use this settings:
    My Problem is, that I get the pushover notification (the last filter) for all feeds include my feeds where I have read hours before

Sorry for my bad english. I hope you understand my problem

  1. read the wiki on filters
  2. name your last filter ZZZZ-something
  3. click “reset sort order” so its placed at the bottom

Thank you for answer.

  1. I have read it, But i do not all understand. Is my rule not correct?
  2. I have done
  3. I don’t have reset sort order in my last test.

Now I have tested, and i get allways notification from read article where I have read a week ago

there’s plenty of information on this forum on how to debug filters and how filters work, i’m sure if you put some effort you’ll figure it out.

for example this thread might have some pointers How to organize feeds? categories, tags, labels, scores, filters and their synergy (read the posts about feed debugger)

i have no idea what this means.

So if understand you correctly, the Pushover filter should always be applied last and only for articles which have not been marked as read by the previous filters?

To achieve this you would need to add an additional “Stop / Do Nothing” action to each of the previous filters as there is now filter condition to check if the article is marked as read. Something like this:

  • Filter 1
    – Condition X
    – Mark as read & Stop / Do nothing

  • Filter 2
    – Condition Y
    – Mark as read & Stop / Do nothing

  • […]

  • Pushover Filter
    – Generic condition (matches every article if the filter chain got this far)
    – Invoke plugin

Another option would be to reduce the score for unwanted articles in the previous filters and check the article score in the Pushover plugin in order to decide whether it should be considered for notification or not.

Thank you for help.

Filter 1 - 9 delete different articles from the different feeds. Filter 10 is the pushover filter
My goal is:
TTRSS read 100 articles, Filter 1-9 delete 95 of them and filter 10 send me the last 5 with pushover.

At this moment I get allways articles on pushover where I have read yesterday or earlyer.

that’s not going to work, not with stock filters anyway.

oh ok. Thank you. Do you see an other way?