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What mean "включите доступ к APB в Настройках - Расширенное"

I have admin user on my dedicated server and commercial tt-rss client.
I’ve added second power user to my dedicated server and install tt-rss trial via Google Play on a second android device.
I’ve setup connection (login, password, url and switch on ssl setups) on this device.

The tt-rss trial show message

Ошибка: пожалуйста включите доступ к APB в Настройках - Расширенное"

What should I do?


if it actually says APB it’s probably a translation typo.

e: https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss-android/commit/11b8820ccc203ef78adce0200272eded60e2e433


Server \ Preference \ Enable API

It was On. I use tt-rss clinent on my first device.

More info: Server do not use HTTP authentification.

you also need to enable this for your second user. it’s not a global option.

I’ve login to site as second user and change Enable API.
It works.

Thanks again!