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What does Special (articles) mean?

Using the Android app to access my old tt-rss server installation using MySQL had a large number of articles as Special, more than the entire number of unread articles I had.

The new installation using PostgreSQL to which I migrated the old database shows nothing as Special.

What does Special signify? And why do I now have 0 Special articles?

you mean special category? it should return starred articles, i think, because it’s the same feed id (-1) which is handled regardless of whether request is for a category (special) or not (starred articles feed).

it’s not really a proper feed though, it’s just that clicking on it is not specifically blocked.

OK, is it possible some old cruft in the MySQL installation was the reason number of articles in the Special category always was larger than the number of unread articles? Could it have been double-counting?

As I said, the new PostgreSQL installation shows no articles in the Special category.

Both of the above pertain to the Android app.

i don’t really have any theories about your maybe broken mysql database and i would prefer to not think about it at all. i suggest you do the same.

That works - already forgot what I was talking about…

I also encountered these Special articles and I just disregarded it.

I could make it unclickable I guess but there’s really not much point in it.