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VPS hosting recommendations

I used RamNode for years. I only had about 8 minutes of downtime across multiple instances. Performance was amazing.

Also used OVH. They’re kind of big and impersonal but their machines work fine.

@Kierun mentioning in the op that affiliate/referral links are not welcome is probably a good idea

The whole thread is a bad idea. The choice of a VPS has little to do with tt-rss.

Not necessarily… Some people may be capable of setting up a VPS but not sure where to find quality providers. If they can discover what others have used successfully it’s a win. (There are a lot of garbage providers out there and it can be difficult to get through the noise.)

While it’s not related specifically to TT-RSS, running on decent hardware makes a big difference. And in many ways it’s cheaper, faster, and more reliable to use a VPS than a dedicated machine in one’s home. I run a NAS at home and that costs me more in electricity than the machine running my instance of TT-RSS.

I am running most of my stuff on https://www.hetzner.de/cloud cloud servers and I have also some dedicated servers (mostly server auction) there.
Support is ok, never had any major issues. The also have cheap storagespaces you can backup all your stuff to (can also be mounted by samba/webdav if you really want – I am using borgbackup).
Important to mention, you are fully responsible monitoring on dedicated machines and you have to tell them, that your HDDs have to be swapped out (for free) if they got damaged blocks.

If going for more storage instead of SSD performance https://www.netcup.de/vserver/ is in my experience also painless to use.

I heard good things about Hetzner, a friend of mine is using them (a physical server and VPSes).

this forum has plenty of stuff which has actually little to do with tt-rss, like regular general self-hosting/privacy bullshit. who cares.

And not just electricity. Some ISPs put you behind NAT unless you pay extra for a static IP address.

I used to run tt-rss on the cheapest OpenVZ VPS I could find (about $10 per year), but the the “company” disappeared overnight and I later found out that the owner was illegally hosting his “customers” (me included) on his employer’s servers.

I’m not even mad. I’m just disappointed in myself for inadvertently helping a criminal. I’m sharing this as a cautionary tale against shady VPS providers.

I don’t recommend it, but I currently run tt-rss at home on a BeagleBone Black (an ARM SBC). I pay more for the static IP than a VPS, but at least I can run the OS I want without being at the mercy of the hosting provider.



I can recommend the German hosting Cooperative Hostsharing.
I run tt-rss on a Managed Webspace.

They have a redundant platform with high availability, failover and daily backups to a remote data center.
Your data is secure and you are operating in your own company, because it is a cooperative and you can decide about politics in the general assembly.

i use Aruba Cloud for about €3-4 a month its pretty good.

I use kazila.com for about $7USD per month. I also have a free tier AWS server that I use for experimentation for $0 per month. I have thought about switching to it but kazila works good enough.

A +1 for Linode, while I’m here being off-topic.

I’ve been using Amazon’s lightsail on an Ubuntu image. It runs $5/mo for my instance.

Been using an LXC from https://www.mikrovps.net/ for years.
Always wanted to have my instance within the EU.
Two cores, two GB RAM, 20GB Space = 26€/year.
Worked for me fine for years, using it for TT-RSS dedicated though…

Me too, I actually joined when they had a 1€/month promo for their basic VPS (1GB RAM, 20GB SSD) and been happy ever after.

those prices are nice but now with docker everywhere it seems that using LXC/OpenVZ/etc shared kernel containers would be too limiting. KVM is always more expensive. :frowning:

LXC can do nested containers if it’s enabled by the vendor. You can probably get by without containers, but that depends heavily on what you’re doing.

I’m using scaleway only for TTRSS, on a dev virtual instance, 2.99€ / mounth

It sorely depends on how many users you have. If it’s only you, it can probably run fine on a dirt-cheap 256 megs openvz vps (I have seen some for $4/year). Just don’t hit it too hard.

Anyway, Amazon’s Lightsail pricing starts at $3.5/month.

Hetzner’s basic VPSs have more memory and storage than Amazon’s offering, but they don’t have good connectivity to the US. (As for CPU, they probably don’t have enough)

If you want good performance from any php application I guess you cannot go lower than 2 cores. (For Hetzner, that means the second level, at 5€/month; for Lightsail, it gets pricey at $20/month)

Actaully I’m using VPSFree for a severals years. It’s community OpenVZ hosting (now they migrating slowly to their own solution VPSAdminOS distro based on NixOS and utilising LXC right becouse of limitation of containers (they even provide KVM workaround, but you have run your own hypervisor and it’s not so straightforward). They do not have quite a lot for that price (4 GB RAM, 120 GB storage, 8 cores CPU, 250 GB mountable net stoarge, 300 Mbps network, regular backup) for 300 CZK/12 EUR / moth but what I really like is their Playground. It’s kind of 2nd VPS available, which can run for 30 days. So you can for example clone your production VPS there and test configuration changes, installation, and whatever you want and then swap those two instances (so instance with changes will be production one now). Amazing feature I really do like. And I do have great experience with support as well. Worth to try.
Worth mention, that it’s based on community, so you become of member with access to resources. They have servers in Czech Republic only (Prague and Brno), so probably suitable only for europe based hosting…


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