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Versioning changes for trunk

Yeah… It’s no fun when you provide OSS in a manner that’s not supported but expect the dev to support it, then get upset when he says he doesn’t want to.

Thing is users are not going to GitHub for support. They come here, provide no information about their installation, then expect everyone here to magically know why it’s broken.

We deprecated your image because you no longer wanted us to ingest your software, though that message seemed more civil and generic.

I wish you all the best with your project.

OH NO! You’re “hostile”. :roll_eyes:
You’ve hurt their little feelers, tsk.

Nope, nobody ever said that. but apparently you’re not capable of understanding the issue… which, frankly, is the problem.

Are you the whiny little git that said “After all, we all do this in our spare time, for fun. It’s no fun to deal with an upstream dev who acts like that.” COMPLETELY clueless about the fact that the “upstream dev” ALSO does this in HIS spare time for ‘fun’?

What a clueless fuckwit.

PS: Technically, the term is “regurgitate” not “ingest”.

i think you should stop ingesting software, forum poster ryan_kuba. not only it makes you sound like a creepy soulless corporate automaton it also seemingly impairs your reasoning skills so you can’t even understand the actual issue here - you serving your users obsolete code for no reason.

these people are so pampered it’s not even funny.

Also: https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/commit/5907409a84b83dd1ac19ec11ef18cab1000da486

note that this would still say unsupported.

That is really a twisted way to justify you refusing to acknowledge that you were serving your users stale software while asking money for it. Hiding behind fake politeness does not become you. Be better.