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Using logo for a how-guide

Is it ok to use the transparent ttrss logo from your git repo for a ttrss how-to guide at uberspace?

Or exists any other sources for a ttrss logo that I may use?


sure, logo is gpl though (just like the rest of source code).

Many thanks, also for your fast reply! :+1:t4:

So the guide won’t be added to the Uberspace Lab because of this matter:

github. com/Uberspace /lab/pull/693

Just wanted to let you to know, that I agree with them.

someone needs to make a list of fragile literally whos triggered by continued existence of this website.

let me draw you a simple Venn diagram which might explain why i don’t care:

( people who come here to contribute to my projects ) ( people who come here to express their political opinions )

notice how there’s no overlap.