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Update for Tiny Tiny RSS on Synology

The current version of Tiny Tiny RSS for Synology NAS is from 2016 (v20160102-10):
https : // synocommunity . com / package / tt-rss
It would be great if someone could update this app considering
https : // github . com / SynoCommunity / spksrc / issues / 2217
https : // www . synology-forum . de / showthread . html?96698-Einrichtung-von-Tiny-Tiny-RSS / page2

Ask at the appropriate location, e.g. synocommunity and not in this forum?
Most likely the author of this package will not be an active member of this community, if it was not updated for this long.

all right. Thank you for your prompt reply.

Just to let you know that publishing it in webstation as a standard website with a MariaDB instance is working quite well.
However, I didn’t manage to create a daemon, but going through CRON for the feeds update.

if your synology has docker support, there’s a variety of premade packages you could use

Also, if your Synology supports the Virtual Machine Manager package, you can setup a virtual machine and use the git version.

I’m currently using latest TT-RSS version on my own Synology NAS
I didn’t have used a prebuilt package though, just followed the install notes here: https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/wiki/InstallationNotes

I’ve written a quick blog post on setting up ttrss on Synology Docker if anyone’s interested
oliroe . blogspot . com/

since you can’t post links, i’ll help: