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Unsupported encoding


I’ve been running into some minor issues I’m looking to debug and understand better.
A few feeds encoded in ISO-8859-2 are reporting errors:

  • LibXML error 32 at line 1 (column 42): Unsupported encoding iso-8859-2

Based on previous experience on scaled-down packages in entware (running this on a dd-wrt router) I looked into iconv and php-conv details and they all look OK on the system:
iconv -l says:
…>8 snip
CP819 IBM819 ISO-8859-1 ISO-IR-100 ISO8859-1 ISO_8859-1 ISO_8859-1:1987 L1 LATIN1 CSISOLATIN1
ISO-8859-2 ISO-IR-101 ISO8859-2 ISO_8859-2 ISO_8859-2:1987 L2 LATIN2 CSISOLATIN2
ISO-8859-3 ISO-IR-109 ISO8859-3 ISO_8859-3 ISO_8859-3:1988 L3 LATIN3 CSISOLATIN3
…8< snip

and php-conv seems OK too:


…8< snip

iconv support enabled
iconv implementation glibc
iconv library version 1.11
Directive Local Value Master Value
iconv.input_encoding no value no value
iconv.internal_encoding no value no value
iconv.output_encoding no value no value

…8< snip

Example feeds:

  • sat.hu/rss.xml
  • est.hu/rss/mozi_premierek.xml

Can I ask for a bit of help on how to debug this, to id if this is a ttrss bug, or something config related?


are you serious right now?

With examples showing latin2 encoding in 2019? lol, nah, I wouldn’t say that :smiley:

This gets me the same error:
$xml = simpleXML_load_file($url,“SimpleXMLElement”,LIBXML_NOCDATA);

This doesn’t:
$xml = file_get_contents($url);
$xml = iconv(“iso-8859-2”, “utf-8”, $xml);
$xml = str_replace(‘iso-8859-2’,‘utf-8’,$xml);
$xml = simplexml_load_string($xml);