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TTRSS does not update feeds

Hi there,

I’m new to TTRSS, so please forgive any trivial questions :wink: I’ve booked a pre-configured SaaS package at Ionos (just Google for “Ionos Tiny Tiny RSS” - I cannot add links). It runs on Linux Ubuntu 20.04.

All my feeds are organized in custom categories. I’ve set the update interval to 15 minutes - both for my dedicated user and every single feed.

I’m regularly encountering the problem that my feeds won’t be updated - sometimes for an hour, sometimes for three hours. But sometimes it works.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

why not ask them for help then?

How about you asked Ionos about it? They are the ones providing you with the service no?

That’s right and I’m doing this in parallel to this thread. However, I suspect they mainly focus on providing a running system and don’t have so much experience with the details of TTRSS.

this doesn’t look like a properly running system though, does it.

You’re paying them for support but bothering us for free? Why not “book” a working server? (One kudos though, I think you are the first person to find the unsupported platform forum on the first try.)

uhh that was me :frowning:

Unfortunately as expected: Ionos does not provide support, they are just handling the infrastructure.

I dislike this as well, but maybe we can try to focus on the problem? It may be coincidence, but every time I login via web, the feeds seems to refresh. When using different Android apps, however, I’m encountering the described problem.

Here is the very hard to find article that explains this: https://tt-rss.org/wiki/UpdatingFeeds

Any reason why there is so much sarcasm around?

it’s a reaction to people like you.

e: i find it absolutely fascinating that you managed to buy a software as a service “package” with no service actually included. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

whelp um. ok. I’ll keep wandering the world I guess :slight_smile:

@sgd53 if you want to pay for support I’ll happily, non-sarcastically and personally fix your setup (or identify the problem for them to fix.) My going rate hasn’t been updated in a few years, so strike while the iron is hot. $75/hr minimum 2 hours at a time and 4 hours total. (And bonus, I won’t just take your money and tell you to ask someone else…)

Paying someone else to support you and then demanding that support from us, without paying us, is not only rude but really insulting.

This is the problem: you paid for something that offers no support but breaks everything.

I suggest you ditch Ionos (and ask for a refund), get a cheap VM (there’s a thread around here where you can find them), and install TTRSS there. There’s even a docker compose file you can use for ease. I even think that’s the recommended way of doing it now a days. Might be wrong here.