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Ttrss-docker-compose Fresh installation with “could not find driver” error

I use Synology NAS and I followed the steps on

After the installation, I open ttrss on browser, but it gives an error like this:

Exception while creating PDO object:could not find driver

I checked ttrss-docker_updater_1 container log, I also found this:

<pre>Exception while creating PDO object:could not find driver</pre>

I did google the error, and it seems caused by PHP extension? Synology NAS webstation uses php 5.6 version 5.6.40-0059. I thought php required by ttrss was included in the containers, no?

Any help is appreciated!

Not sure whether it’s going to help but I’ve written a tutorial using the docker gui in DSM


Thanks for your help.
I suppose the docker image “cthulhoo/ttrss-fpm-pgsql-static” is not official? Not sure I can get help from this forum if I ever run into problems with 3rd party docker compose. .


They are the official containers, look at the docker compose file

I read your blog, very detailed. But I don’t know why you need to do it manually instead of just run docker-compose up --build in ssh and let everything done automatically.
If I cannot get any more help, I will give your method a try.

I put a phpinfo file in the ttrss folder and it shows like this:

But ttrss shows this:

And I only install php 5.6 package on Synology. So ttrss must run on PHP 7.2, which comes from the official container.

May I ask why this is moved to unsupported platform?
I have read the FAQ and the installation guide and I found nothing. What platforms that ttrss docker compose officially support?
I am not an export of docker, but as far as I know, Synology support docker very well and even has a GUI to setup containers.

TT-RSS requirements are posted on the wiki:

A server (VDS or physical) running either Docker or LEMP stack.

NAS and other appliance-like devices are not supported. Of course you’re welcome to continue to post here and others are welcome to help you, but it’s not something that’s officially supported.

hopefully you will be able to figure out how to read stickied threads on this forum and maybe even tt-rss.org frontpage in the two week period i’m going to probate you for.

Shawn, my guide probably isn’t aimed at someone who is willing/able to use a terminal. It’s purely for people who want to do it using the Docker GUI

So my account got suspended for 14 days just because I didn’t know NAS is not considered a “Server” on this forum.

Based on wiki, NAS is a file server.
(NAS) is a file-level (as opposed to block-level) computer data storage server connected to a computer network providing data access to a heterogeneous group of clients.

Thankfully, the “PDO object” bug is fixed, and it’s not even related to the NAS I installed on.

This forum is probably the most strict one I have ever seen. I believe most questions posted here can be answered by the Internet one way or the other, but people need to help each other. Yes, there are some people post silly questions to “abuse” the forum and waste your time, but not all of them are doing it intentionally. I just wish this place can be more newbie friendly.


I just wish the questioners would be more considerate of those they’re requiring answers from.

That stuff in the link goes back to the 80’s/90’s. It’s still relevant, if somewhat ignored these days.

This forum is here to support TT-RSS. If the issue being experienced is related to a web stack or hardware setup, it’s not TT-RSS and therefore this is not the place for that help. It’s not about being unhelpful, it’s about keeping the focus related to the subject matter.

There are plenty of questions and answers on the Internet for configuring Nginx, Apache, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and so on and so forth. This isn’t the place for those questions because they don’t pertain TT-RSS itself. No one is trying to be strict or mean or unfriendly, but if the forum were allowed to devolve into general web server questions, then people wouldn’t be able to find the answers to their actual TT-RSS questions. Instead it becomes much easier to find answers to legitimate questions.

Your suspension was related to specifically requesting support for something that is explicitly not supported… and then questioning a moderator moving your thread to unsupported. You should have read the forum rules and the wiki and understood Support was not the place for that. Live and learn.

I’m glad you resolved the issue.


I really appreciated your help to point out that NAS was not considered “a server or LEMP stack”. But I wasn’t sure what I did wrong before you answered me. The issue was not caused by Synology itself, but a bug which reported by another user and got fixed.

I asked why my post got moved because I thought my question will be ignored at “unsupported platforms” and I didn’t know why it is unsupported. I wasn’t trying to challenge or offend the moderator.

read this post in its entirety