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TT-Rss server issue on installation

Hi, i’m trying to install Tiny Tiny Rss server, nginx solution. I’ve followed our wiki page, but i can’t access to http://myserverip/tt-rss since i get 403 Forbidden from Nginx.

I’ve already set http:http permission to the recursive directory /usr/share/webapps/tt-rss, as written on the wiki.

What am i missing?



Please read:

  1. You’re using a package repository for your TT-RSS installation, so I’ve moved this to unsupported and the best thing you can do you is contact the maintainer for assistance.
  2. You’re requesting assistance for general web stack configuration, which is not the intended purpose of this forum, so this is also a reason why this thread is in unsupported.

You should check that the user running the web server (Nginx, in this case) has appropriate permissions to read the files in the TT-RSS installation. (As an aside, you should make sure the user running the update daemon is also the same user because otherwise you’ll run into weird issues.)

Make sure the document root configured in Nginx is correct for the virtual host in question.

Check Nginx logs.

Others are welcome to post to help if they have any thoughts but, again, because this is unsupported your best bet is to find support from the package maintainer, or a support site dedicated to setting up web stacks.

How about follow this guide? You might have more success… Permissions errors are either Unix permission (user and group access) or SELinux if you have it installed.