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Tt-rss-android: add ability to use SSL client certificate


I’d like to send a PR to add the ability to use client certificates to the Android app. The patch itself is here[1]; you could just pull it, or if you prefer a PR via Gogs, my username is angelsl.

[1]: github DOT com/angelsl/tt-rss-android/commit/5694abfa7896e0f89fd36ccd118990d7c6304f20 (I can’t include links yet :()

Thank you!

this PR is a whole lot of changes for a very obscure feature an absolute minority of people would ever use.

don’t want to disappoint you but i can’t really see myself merging this.

I think it is relatively minor, but that’s fair enough.

In any case, this patch will be here for anyone who needs it. Presumably anyone who uses this will be able to build it themselves too.


no plugins on android.

My bad. I should not post before I’ve had coffee!