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Toggle collapse suggestion/thought

Many times when I expand a category, I do so to read one feed b/f the others of the same category/level. I then collapse the category to read the rest mixed in default sorted order. But to collapse the category I have to grab the mouse or j/k my way back to the category to use ‘x’. What about having ‘x’ collapse the parent if on a feed? I.e. add this else clause:

if (Feeds.activeIsCat()) {
} else {

I have a plugin of my own w/ my hotkeys prefs and this works as expected so far on my instance. Thoughts?


it’s not a bad idea, even though technically this is not a very consistent/predictable UI behavior. i probably could add this to stock, but why not publish the plugin in T&P subforum instead? i mean that’s what the plugins are for anyway.

Sure, can do. I will polish it up a bit and post.