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Tiny Tiny Reeder (mobile HTML/JS client)


Allow me to introduce a HTML/JS client for Tiny Tiny RSS. I’m not a web developer but I managed to create a reader that I have been happily (and exclusively) using for last few weeks.

Tiny Tiny Reeder - https://github.com/moneytoo/TinyTinyReeder (See README.md for more details and screenshots)

Be aware that it may be too limited for most of you (but it works great for my 50 daily articles). My intention is to use this client for quick look on the go (in Chrome on Android or as PWA).

There’s a number of things I want to improve or implement but I need to learn more about HTML/CSS/JS first. I’m thankful for any of your suggestions or feedback.


Looks nice from the screenshots.
But one shouldn’t need to place the password into index.html. Anyone could read it from there, that has access to the page.
And for my usecases I’d really need to select between feeds, so a list of categories and feeds would be nice.
But I truely like the layout!