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Thanks for your work

I was just writing a lengthy support request, but doing so made me investigate some loose ends which finally lead to the website of the feed making me trouble being the culprit. So, while I don’t have anything to bother you with but being already logged in I just wanted to say thanks for all the work you put into TTRSS.


thanks, it’s nice to see something like this here instead of the usual “I’ve registered to tell you how bad of a person you are” (was i supposed to care? who knows :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) for a change.

Can I jump on board too?
I’ve been a TT-RSS user for ~5 years or so I guess, but recently really have got right into it.
Setting up Labels, I’ve got about 15-16 filters doing various heavy lifting for me. Lockdown and discovering RSS-Bridge really helped! I only used it as a simple RSS Reader before, but now it’s basically my entire web-experience. It’s amazing.

I’m just about to write a blog post about “taking back your online life” with TinyTinyRSS and RSS-Bridge, the marriage made in heaven.

Anyway, thank you. I’ve donated a few times, one recently, but it’s good to write down too how appreciative I am of your ongoing work and support.

I know. Sometimes I venture to actual web sites to read articles and I’m like, “WTF is this?”

I’ll jump in, too, to say “great job!” I’m completely new to Tiny Tiny RSS, but I’m really impressed. It works great and I can see a lot of work went into creating a great piece of software.

Registered specifically to add a “me too” for a thank you. I installed tt-rss last week and it all just works. Very impressed and happy user.

Fox, while he thanked you for your work, I am not sure he said you weren’t a bad, evil person. After all,aren’t those attributes what make you such a great programmer and tt-rss such an awesome product.

I also share thanks for this amazing product even on the days you’ve scorched me for a stupid comment.

I’ve been using ttrss since 2012. Thank you very much!

Plus 1 here too, very impressed and happy user.

in my long journey to exercise ad’s from my life. this has been a monumental help. with feediron who needs web3.0!

Setting up TT-RSS saved me from the great Google Reader apocalypse of 2013, and I’m eternally grateful for every new feature and plugin that comes along.