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Syslog server for logging

I haven’t found anything for figuring out if this is possible.

I’m running in docker (old linuxserver image), and have syslog-ng Also in docker, would like to send my logs from Ttrss to the syslog server so I can try out fail2ban on the logs.

afraid not, containers log to stdout so you can see output via docker-compose log. you could enable syslog logging in config.php but i’m not sure how would specify a server, it uses php syslog() function which writes to local system log.

you could probably write a separate remote logging plugin and/or configure log destination in the alpine image somehow.

So if I wanted logging to the container then, that doesn’t seem to be syslog.

Should syslog be stdout? Or is there another option to try?

Ahh, leave empty and the Nginx access.log has what I want.

Caddy not forwarding orig is though, but found info at least

docker has a syslog driver built in https://docs.docker.com/config/containers/logging/syslog/ this sends stdout and stderr to your system syslog. Don’t know if that will cover what you want.

I know it has some limitations like breaking the command docker logs and there can be issues with blocking.

I’ve never used it for ttrss but I do have it at work for some other containers