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Stopping users from changing settings

So I have over 300 feeds painstakingly sorted into folders for over 80 languages. I’d like to share this with others but I don’t want them to accidentally change settings and fuck everything up.

Is there a way to stop users from accessing the preferences panel? If not, does anyone have any suggestions on how to make some kind of ‘view only’ account?


Quick and dirty method: use web server locations to restrict those pages to HTTP authenticated users, or by IP, etc.

You could also write a plugin that checks the request URI early in the handling and does the same thing (maybe a little more gracefully).

You could have a database query that updates the database with settings so if changes are made they get reverted every hour (or whatever you set it to).

Personally, I’d let every user make their own choices but if your use-case requires this I’d go the first way by blocking those requests with the web server.

ttrss is really not designed for this kind of usage, for one how are you going to track unread status of articles?

blocking prefs.php won’t be enough, there’s also stuff like actions - unsubscribe in main UI, shortcuts to edit feeds and filters, and more.

I don’t know how ttrss react, but you could try using 2 instance pointing the same database.
The first instance for updating and managing
The second with a RO database account for public access

this might work but you’re going to get a lot of write errors.

personally in this situation i would make a separate lightweight readonly UI, possibly using the API, and give people access to that instead, while reserving tt-rss proper to the owner. i would also make it look and function more like a regular news website instead of a web “application”.

tt-rss in this scenario would provide an administrative console and backend services.

Sorry for such a late reply but just wanted to say thanks for everyone’s suggestions!

This is my end goal I guess, but it’s going to take me forever to learn how to do this haha and I don’t know anyone who can help me atm.

I’m making an aggregator for journalists and editors to use, so one of the most appealing features of TT-RSS for my purposes is the UI. It’s super functional and resembles a lot of tools currently used in the industry.

This is what I’ll try to do in the meantime, along with disabling right clicks if possible [yes I know it’s a cardinal sin in webdesign]. I pretty much broke everything when I tried to implement it haha but luckily I had saved a recent .opml file so not all was lost.

Why not just spin up a new TTRSS VM and subscribe to the category feeds?