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Some plugins are getting renamed

plugin host has a priority-based system for hooks now so this stupid hack with adding endless Zs to names is finally no longer needed.

therefore, some plugins are getting de-zz-ified. because tt-rss class loader expects class name for plugins to match plugin directory name, you will need to rename some external plugins after next git update, if you were using them:

  • af_zz_img_phash -> af_img_phash
  • af_zz_api_resize -> api_resize_media

bundled plugins are going to rename themselves after git checkout, but you will need to enable them again in preferences -> plugins if you were using them.

  • af_zz_imgproxy -> af_proxy_http

for plugins that use native plugin storage (not required but that’s where plugin settings are):

update ttrss_plugin_storage set name = 'Af_Img_Phash' 
    where name = 'Af_Zz_Img_Phash'
update ttrss_plugin_storage set name = 'Af_Proxy_Http'
    where name = 'Af_Zz_ImgProxy'