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Search box on front?

Hi. Im quite new to my TTRSS installation and one thing that annoys me a little bit is that I have to go into the drop menu each time I want to reach the search box. Is it possible by CSS or theme modification to put it in the navigation menu on top?
Just want to know if that would work? Or anyone have a nice theme that is more search friendly?

You can use the keyboard shortcut “/” to call up the search box.

Using pure CSS won’t work as the modal search dialog doesn’t even exist in the DOM. It is fetched using XHR on the first activiation via menu/hotkey.
You can always write a plugin which will add a search box to the menu bar automatically but as mentioned by gee using the hotkey is the easiest way.

That doesnt work on an iPad unfortunately. The button does not exist on the PC keyboard since i am on a Swedish keyboard and it seems to be Alt Gr + ’ on my keyboard.
On an iPad it would be better to be able to tap a box in the top bar in the browser.
I know I could use the Reeder app which I sometimes do, but in that app notes cant be added to articles, which i use for working, which is a totally brilliant feature of TTRSS

a plugin could easily add a toolbar button to show the dialog, i can make one Monday if nobody else bothers to.

That would be awesome and so handy for a lot of people using the search fuction! :+1: :grinning:

take a look at this:

also there’s a related change for main code which would make it easier to place toolbar buttons in non-default places.