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Scrolling recently semi-broken

I just updated to 6eb94f1e and the keyboard scrolling is now, quasi broken.

I hit j Open next article, and it moves down to the next article, but does not jump to it, so it may go down several articles until the next article would be down off the screen, then it jumps.

I didn’t see anything in the recent log about it, and it has been (probably) a couple weeks since I last did a git pull.

Noticed this a couple of hours ago (Firefox 77.0.1, TTRSS 06cc6e3a2.) I can’t clearly remember the last time I used TT-RSS in a way that made it apparent (i.e. low feed counts.) Happens with both pressing n for next article, or ctrl+down.

Edit: Looked at recent commits, looks like we’re supposed to enable the ‘hotkeys_force_top’ plugin. It does correct the behavior, as well. If I’m incorrect, disregard.

See here for example

enabling that new plugin (at least I don’t remember seeing it before) fixed it, thanks.