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Save articles for clients

For me it looks like every client only get’s the links (and some informations like read / unread) of the articles and then creates the articles for itself. Is that right?
Background: one of my favorite news site sometimes store articles behind a pay wall after some time. So it could happen, that I could read an article on one device but on another there is no text of the article available.
Is there an option to configure TT-RSS in that way to download the full article when updating the list and provide it to all clients?

that would be unimaginably stupid so no

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that would be unimaginably stupid so no

That’s why I was confused. But I explained the reason for this stupid idea. How do you explain the different readable text on clients?

didn’t bother reading ANYTHING

Sorry for your feelings. I had a look too the FAQ and wiki and used the search here. You’re right that the idea is bad, but if I missed the point where a reason for the issue is named. Just give me a hint instead of blame me.

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