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RSS Filters delayed?

I use the latest version of ttrss and have 466 feeds in total. I have 7 filters applied, they work correctly. All articles matching those filters are sent to Published. My only problem is that they seem to be lagging a bit. Let’s say a feed updates right this moment and there’s an article in there matching one of my filters. When it gets filtered in Published it’s already 13 minutes old. My question is, are filters scanning every article as soon as it comes into ttrss or does it search through feeds separately after they’ve been updated? If the latter is correct which I assume it is, can that search interval be reduced in any way so the filters apply sooner? Thank you for your attention.

the delay is between content being published on site and feed XML actually updating, which is extremely likely because it’s static data which benefits from caching.


it’s not

Ok, thank you for clearing that up! Have a good one.

Ok, I kept an eye on it and I clicked Published a few times to make sure there are no new filtered articles. Waited for 2 minutes and then I hit it again and a “new” article appeared that is dated 15 minutes ago. Which means it was imported into ttrss 15 minutes ago, but not filtered. Checked the original article date and it is indeed posted 15 minutes ago on the original website and imported into ttrss 15 minutes ago. So there must be a problem somewhere…

  1. i already explained you what happens. an article may specify any arbitrary publishing date which is not in any way related to the time where it appears in the feed or is processed by tt-rss. you can see that particular exact timestamp if you hover over article date in tt-rss UI.

  2. filtering happens synchronously as articles are imported by tt-rss. believe me, i know exactly how this works, because i wrote this entire fucking application.

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